Friday, May 15, 2015

How to use the game of Pick-Up-Stix to grow your Business


 By: Thomas Signorello May 15, 2015

Many people are confused with the best way to grow their businesses via Networking. Some enjoy taking time to nurture relationships, while others go so fast that they miss out on potentially great opportunities simply because they "missed" important signals from the other person. The game called "Pick-Up-Stix" that many of us played as children can really help.

     We've all seen them ... those people who you meet either online or off who go so fast, thinking of only themselves and ready to pounce on someone like a vulture. Yuck! Not a pretty picture. Now let's think of it from the standpoint of the game, "Pick-Up-Stix". If a player went that quickly trying to capture all of the sticks, there is no way for them to win the game. It's an "Art" rather than a "Science" in collecting the players stix.

     On the flip side, players who go so slow and being so careful not to disturb the other stix, rarely are successful in "winning" the game. The same holds true in Networking. Being too cautious, deliberate, slow, pragmatic ... you get it ... rarely if ever allows a person to get into the rhythm of the Networking game. There is a balance between speed and precision.

     So when it comes to growing your network (and your Net-Worth for that matter), you might want to consider either slowing down or speeding up, depending upon where you are in the spectrum. Afterall, the person who picks up the most stix along with the right stix ultimately win their game ... the game of Freedom!

To your success!

Thomas Signorello is a Professional Networker and Relationship Building Coach and Mentor. He has grown a tremendous business by teaching people the Art of making others feel special and taking relationships made via the Internet Offline. To learn more about Thomas and how he helps people achieve more, visit: and connect with him on Linkedin.

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