Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Words of Affirmation Every Relationship Needs to Hear

words of affirmation: a fabulous list for relationships in your life

My husband just left to go back to work (he came home for lunch today). But as he walked in the door today, he did two very awesome things: He told me I was beautiful and he thanked me for doing the dishes that we were both too tired to do last night.
He’s winning today. 
I recently read an article going around Facebook titled The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships. I loved it. It talked about the power of asking the right questions. Rather than asking, “how was your day?“, a better question to ask would be “when did you feel loved today?” or “What can I do to help you?
Going right along with asking the right questions, praising each other with the encouraging, complimenting, and beautiful words will add a similar boost of power to a relationship. I’ve made a list of words of affirmation that every husband or wife wants to hear, but many of these also work for boosting your relationship with family and friends as wellGive them a try.

Ladies first


    1. You are Beautiful (in a world that is telling woman so many things about their appearance, this one is my absolute favorite).
    2. Thank you for preparing that meal (And if you really liked it, you should let her know).
    3. You are a great mother
    4. Look how much our kids love you!
    5. You are doing a fantastic job
    6. Thank You for..
    7. You inspired me when….
    8. I love your smile
    9. I’m so thankful to be married to
    10. I love to get ideas from you
    11. How are you so creative?
    12. You never cease to amaze me
    13. You are so good to me!
    14. You look really good in that
    15. You’ve made our house a home
    16. You are so kind
    17. I love to watch you interact with other people
    18. You make life rich
    19. I’ll never stop loving you
    20. I definitely married up!
    21. I’m so proud of you
    22. You are so smart
    23. I’m one lucky man!
    24. You are FUN
    25. How do you do that?
    26. You make everything wonderful
    27. You are incredible
    28. I love the way you…
    29. I admire your ability to…
    30. I LOVE you
    31. You’ve got this!
    32. You empower me
    33. I would love to help out
    34. I’m grateful to have you as a best friend
    35. Your ideas are fantastic
    36. Keep doing what you’re doing
    37. Thank you for your support
    38. I thought about you today when…
    39. I am so impressed
    40. Don’t worry, tomorrow is a new day
    41. Let’s get something to eat (100% success rate on me)
    42. I love to being with you
    43. Let’s talk about something
    44. You’re really good at that
    45. I love coming home
    46. I’m going to make it up to you
    47. Kiss me
    48. You are such a great wife
    49. Please keep being awesome
    50. I would love to


  1. Thank you for working so hard
  2. There’s my man!
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  4. You are wonderful
  5. Thank you for listening
  6. That’s a fabulous idea!
  7. Thank you for caring
  8. I admire your strength
  9. I trust you completely
  10. You make things happen
  11. Thanks for fixing that
  12. How can I Help?
  13. I admire your faith
  14. You are an amazing father
  15. I love to watch you be a dad
  16. What a gentleman you are!
  17. The day goes by 10 times faster when you’re home!
  18. How are you so handsome?!
  19. I can’t stop looking at you
  20. Wow! Thank You
  21. Thanks for all your help around the house
  22. Thank you for leading, directing and protecting our family!
  23. I trust you with everything
  24. You did amazing
  25. Thanks for doing that
  26. I’m so happy
  27. That was really kind of you
  28. You are incredible
  29. I like the way you think
  30. You always have the best suggestions
  31. Is there anything you can’t do?!
  32. I love being with you
  33. You are a genius!
  34. You conquered today!
  35. You are an amazing husband
  36. I’m lucky to have you
  37. I’m grateful I married you
  38. Just hold me
  39. I respect you for that
  40. You are too good to me
  41. That was so meaningful to me
  42. Thank you for your sacrifice
  43. You know exactly what I need!
  44. I love it when you…
  45. I am thrilled!
  46. What would be a fun date night for you?
  47. You are so funny
  48. I’m in love with you
  49. You will do great!
  50. I’ve never known you not to succeed
Obviously every relationship is different, so not all of these will be your favorite…but you know your spouse best! Work with their love language and put these affirmations to work!